Fluke Facts

Did you know that

A new Captain Fluke is introduced every 77 years?

Captain Fluke does not age during that 77 year span.

Captain Fluke's favorite pastime is passing time.

Captain Fluke's favorite song is La Cuckarotcha. However, he only knows one lyric - La Cuckarotcha. He tends to sing it when he gets nervous.

In the very first episode of Captain Fluke the "Big Fluke Theory" explains the origin of all things.

75 billion, trillion, zillion, gillion, villion, rillion flukes have occurred since the Beatles played Shea stadium.

The Captain wishes he had a nickel for every time someone said - "Hey, your head's in the way."

The elevator, which leads from the surface of the cemetery ten miles down to The Captain's Super Hero Control Center, is also a time machine capable of transporting The Captain anywhere in Time to foil evil and get famous signatures for his autograph book. Whenever the Captain journeys back in Time he manages to directly effect a significant invention or philosophical movement, that is, we put forth the premise that all of man's greatest discoveries are Flukes.

The Scooter - This is Dr. Calculus' only mode of transportation. He refuses to walk, as walking distracts his calculations.

The Scooter can morph into a supersonic jet, atomic submarine and a cappuccino maker.

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