About Fluke

An ancient scribe once wrote: "There are no accidents". He went on to scrawl …
Flukes, however, are a whole other story.

CAPTAIN FLUKE is the saga of a superhero who possesses only one power - his uncanny ability to attract … the Fluke.

CAPTAIN FLUKE - is an animated series designed to entertain developing humans between the ages of eight and thirteen years of age.
They will learn that all good things that happen in life are complete flukes and that all bad things are predestined by Orwellian machine gods - just kidding - that's our pre-school show.
We at Dancing Monkey's Entertainment Group believe some cartoons should be fun and funny and that is precisely our mandate with CAPTAIN FLUKE.
A cartoon kids can laugh along with while they enjoy an after school snack.
A cartoon that promotes and reinforces a positive sense of humor, fair play, individuality, and an overall sense that "we are all in this TOGETHER".